OMY! Pre-rolls

Really good genetics. Good on the go.

How it’s made


We believe that natural light is the ingredient that lets our flower shine. Our buds are grown in a hybrid greenhouse where we can leverage the bright and sustainable rays of the sun to help our plants thrive. The resulting terpene profiles, smell, taste and halo effects of our plants are extraordinary. That’s the OMy! goodness that’s made us a first choice for Quebecers time and time again.


Just like people, unexpected circumstances make plants stronger. Rain water is naturally varied in its content of minerals and other solutes, meaning that the plants get an nonuniform water supply. This healthy stress results in higher potency and more varied terpenes. The buds get a little thrill, and you get buds that are more sustainably cultivated, and unpolluted by chemicals found in municipal water supplies.


Slow and steady gets the best buds! Sure, you might be grinding it up anyway, but part of the joy of cannabis is getting beautifully plump, sparkling flowers. We share this joy, so we hand harvest to ensure only the necessary leaves are trimmed. We use a gentle, human touch to preserve the plant’s cannabinoid and terpene-packed trichomes, so you get more of the good stuff.