Meet OMY! Your local optimist

We believe there’s a lot of good in the world. 
We believe that you don’t have to look that far to find it. 
We make products that help you savour the good, wherever you are. 
And we make good choices around sustainability, cultivation, recipes and community-building that earned us our exclamation points.

How it’s made

From Quebec, with love.

Quebec is known for many great things, and now cannabis is one of them. A province of great natural beauty, a people with joie de vivre. This is where we call home. This is who we are.  Passionate people, who are passionate about cannabis.

We’re known for that little bit of “je ne sais quoi” here in Quebec - but when it comes to cannabis cultivation we definitely know what the quoi we’re doing to deliver flower to surprise and delight you.

Sun grown

There’s nothing like the sunlight on your face. It’s the same with cannabis. Our flower thrives in our hybrid greenhouse, soaking up all the natural and sustainable sunlight it craves. And let us tell you, the result is buds that are jam-packed with a spectacular array of terpenes. Brace yourself for an adventure of flavours and sensations with every hit. Say adieu to bland and OMY! to the sun-grown difference!

Rain watered

Rain reminds all things to grow. Who needs city water when you've got Mother Nature herself? We've got a trick up our sleeves - our greenhouse roof is designed to collect rainwater, straight from the heavens. We're all about challenging our plants to be their very best, and the unique composition of rainwater does just that. The outcome? Potency levels that skyrocket and a mind-boggling variety of terpenes that'll make your taste buds dance in delight. Get ready to experience flavour like never before!

Hand harvested

Happy trichomes = Happy you. We take the extra time and effort to hand-harvest. With meticulous care, we protect those precious trichomes that hold all the power and flavour. No shortcuts allowed here! We're on a mission to ensure that every moment you spend with our products is exceptional, right down to the tiniest, happiest trichome.

Hang Dried

Drying is an art. Our flowers are gently hang-dried, because taking things slow and steady is the way to go. This careful approach locks in potency and flavour, while bidding farewell to unwanted compounds like chlorophyll. The result is a smooth and utterly delightful hit every time. At OMY!, we're all about doing things the way that guarantees an experience that will surprise and delight you.

The goods